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Hi!  Here are the rules for purchasing a puppy for Christmas...based on my experiences in the past I have to set up some guielines.  They are as follows:

1. Deposits on Christmas puppies are 1/2 the price of the puppy and are non-refundable

2. Balance on your Christmas puppy is due no later than December 10th...whether your puppy is ready to go or not.

3.  If purchasing a puppy after December 10th...it must be paid in full no deposits will be accepted.  SORRY!

4.  The last day I can ship a puppy to you is Friday, December 16th, and that will be only if that flight is available.  DONT WAIT!!!

5.  Pickups are only allowed after 1pm and no earlier....but I can meet you most afternoons and evenings during the week or weekend.  Last day for pickup is Friday December 23 as I spend Christmas Eve with my family. 

6.  If your puppy has a ready date that is before Christmas and you want your puppy held until closer to Christmas...then there is a $75 charge per week to do that.  This covers my time to care for the puppy, food, shots, etc. 

7.  If you purchase a puppy and that puppy is not ready RIGHT on Christmas...then I will NOT let that puppy go until the puppy is stable.  My view is that it is better that you receive a healthy puppy and everybody is happy with it...than if i let it go just so you can have it on Christmas morning...only to end up with issues.  I don't want to do that to my puppies...or to YOU.  If this does happen (I don't anticipate it but you never know), then I will be happy to provide a cute picture of your puppy that can go under the tree :-)

If you are ok with all of these conditions...then let's DO IT!  I hope to make you and your family fall in LOVE this Christmas and to be able to provide you with a wonderful experience in adding a new puppy to your family :-) 


HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  Thanks, Becca