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Frequently Asked Questions

I've never purchased a puppy online before...what is the process?

The first step is to select your puppy, then call or text me to be sure the puppy is available and so we can make sure its a good fit for your family 318245-2914.  The next step would be to either pay for the puppy in full, or pay a deposit if this is an option.  Once the transaction has taken place, then we will either arrange a day for pick up...or book an airline flight if being shipped. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept all major credit cards by phone. Paypal can be used from my website, or I can send you a paypal invoice through email. You do not have to have a paypal account to utilize this option.  Oh...and we can't forget cash!  That always works!  I do not accept money orders or checks!

Is the puppy deposit refundable if I change my mind?

No!  A deposit is a commitment... and I will be turning away other potential new families for your puppy after you place your deposit.  Please get all of your ducks in a row BEFORE you place a deposit...check with your husband, mother, landlord, bank...whatever you need to do before hand because you will not get your deposit back.

How do I know you are not a scammer?

Excellent question... and very smart to ask.  There are many scammers out there.  Here are some ways you can check me out... 1.Visit my Bebo and Co. facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Beboandco/ There are many testimonials there from happy puppy clients  2.  Call my vet...Dr. Patrick Sexton 318-251-8283  3.  You can find me personally on facebook... Rebecca Bice Huff in Ruston Louisiana...many of my past customers are my friends on facebook.  I owned a grooming shop here in Ruston for 20 years EVERYBODY here knows me :-)

How does delivery for a puppy work?

Delivery costs whether local or utilizing a delivery service are the responsibility of the purchaser.  If you have to drive to come get your puppy, there are no discounts given due to the cost of the trip.  I am available to meet you to pick up your puppy after 1 pm most days except Sunday.  Sunday is my day with my family.  I do have other options available for delivery that is not local...but this is better discussed over the phone for a full explanation.  If utilizing delivery services, my day every week to do this is Friday.  I see the vet on Wednesday and you get your puppy the same week on Friday.

Will you hold my puppy past the point he/she is ready because (insert your reason).

I will keep your puppy for one week past the point that the puppy is ready free of charge so that you can make arrangements.  If you need additional time past that point to pick up your puppy ...for whatever reason...if I have space available I MIGHT opt to keep your puppy for the additional time for a charge of $10 per day.  This fee covers food, extra shots and/or worming, grooming, and general daily care.  I don't really run a boarding facility and there isn't always space for growing puppies as they must be kept separately from other litters and that takes up an entire playpen.  It is really better for you to get your puppy to your home as soon as possible so housetraining can begin!  All balances on puppies are due at the time the puppy is 8 weeks old whether the puppy has been picked up or not.  If a puppy is not paid for the deposit is non refundable.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes! You can find a link to the form on our Puppy Guarantee page. You will need to print this out and fill out your name, address, and phone number and sign.  Then either scan and email back to me.  I must receive this before your puppy is shipped, or I cannot send him/her out.  I will, in turn sign my portion, and send you a copy with your puppy.

Are your puppies registered?

The only puppies that I sell that are not registered  are my mixed breed puppies ex: havachon, morkie, doxipoo, etc..  These "designer" puppies are not registerable since they are not a pure breed.  All of the rest of my puppies are registered.  Usually the paperwork will accompany your puppy, but in some instances may have to be mailed to you after your puppy is shipped.  Once I apply for puppy papers, it is out of my hands as to how long the registry takes to return them to me, but typically it is before, or not long after you receive your puppy.

How do you raise your puppies?

I have a 30 acre piece of property at my home where I live with my family.   All of my adult dogs are healthy, socialized, groomed regularly, kept wormed and vaccinated and with flea/tick prevention.  It is lot of work!  At 4 weeks of age, the puppies are introduced to the crate, and the grass for potty training purposes. 

At 5 weeks, we start the weaning process...keeping mama away from the pups during periods of time so the pups get used to being without her and also so they eat more food and nurse less. 

Usually between 6-7 weeks, the puppies are fully weaned and ready to go!  I don't let my puppies leave before 7 weeks when they get a vaccination, and they can not fly on an airplane with a nanny or otherwise until they are 8 weeks old, and weigh at least 2 # minimum

Is this puppy already housetrained?

No...sorry!  At 8 weeks of age their bladders are just too small and I haven't had enough time away from mama to accomplish.  You should be prepared to spend up to a year to get a puppy fully housetrained.

What kind of food is my puppy eating?  Where can I purchase it?

My puppies are currently being weaned onto Flourish Pet Food.  To learn more and to order, please go to the "getting ready for my puppy" page on this website :-).  You can also follow this link for a discount on your first bag  http://flourishpets.refr.cc/rebeccah

Will you send me some current pictures of the puppy?

I keep my puppy pictures current on the site.  It takes a tremendous amount of time to take puppy pictures...sometimes it takes 200-300 pictures to get one or two good ones of each puppy.  I cannot take the time away from caring for my adult dogs and puppies to satisfy every person who wants more pictures... which is usually several people every day.  Please be understanding of this!  I will be glad to forward you any pictures I may have of the puppy you are interested in that are already taken. 

Can you send me pictures of the puppy's parents?

I do not have pictures of all of my adult dogs, but if I have them, I will be glad to!


Any other questions not covered here...please make me a list and email to beboandcompany.com and I will be glad to answer them for you!