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Potty Training Your New Puppy.

This section is dedicated to potty training a new puppy.  Everyone has a different method and advice.  Some work and some do not.  Remember this rule...your puppy will have to potty after every meal and after every nap. Once your puppy has been with you for at least 2 weeks, and is well adjusted and is over 2#, then you can adopt a feeding schedule 3-4 times per day.  A feeding shedule, also means a potty schedule!

First:  Puppies will not pee or poop where they sleep.  So you must establish a sleep location or a den for the puppy and the crate is a good place for that.  Once the puppy establishes the crate as his den he is crate trained and will sleep in his crate without a fuss.  He will also go in his crate on his own without direction from you. 

Second:  Make sure to set up a routine that fits your schedule not mine as I get a lot of questions about the puppies routine.  You can set your own routine as it accommodates you.  First thing when you get up in the morning after your puppy has been asleep in his crate for the night take him outside immediately.  Let him use the potty and then give him a treat and much praise.  Bring him back inside and offer him food and water.  At this point he is allowed to stay out of his crate for about an hour for play time.  Put him back in his crate and leave him for another hour or so and then take him back outside again for potty.  This routine is repeated throughout the day.  I only get up once in the night to let the puppy out for potty and once they are on a routine they will bark and let you know they need to go.

Third:  Here is where a lot of people fail.  If the puppy does not pee or potty when he is put outside then he must be returned to the crate.  DO NOT let him run around the house as he will find a place to use the bathroom usually within a few minutes of coming back in.  Leave him in his crate for about 30 minutes and then back outside.  Only let him out of the crate after he has used the bathroom outside.  How long the puppy can go between potty time is individual for each puppy.  If you find your puppy leaves little puddles and pees every 30 minutes it seems then put him on a water schedule of every three hours or so.

Fourth:  Most people allow the puppy too much room to run around in the house and often the puppy is unattended most of that time.  Section off part of the house and i would recommend where there are not carpets or rugs and keep him confined to that area until he is house trained.  I dog will often use the bathroom in the same area once a routine is established.  That is why peepads work.

Fifth:  If you are gone most of the day then your potty training will be slowed down.  I recommend investing in an xpen.  Put the crate food and water in the xpen.  Leave the crate door open and put pee pads on the floor inside the xpen.  This way you are not forcing the puppy to pee in his crate.  The practice potty training when you are home.  If you want to pee pad train then do the same routine but replace outside to placing the puppy on a pad.

Sixth:  This strict schedule is not forever only until the puppy is potty trained.  Once trained your puppy can roam freely and will go inside his crate at free will.  Life will be good.