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Hello!!  Thank you so much for purchasing your new family member from me…I am honored to work with you and grateful for your business!

I am writing you in advance…to help you begin to prepare for your new puppy’s arrival! There are some things I would like to address…based on my past experiences and on the typical questions everybody asks! J

First let me say that it can be really stressful on a puppy to change homes. They are used to a calm environment with certain type of food and it’s essential to maintain this once the puppy is home! So yes, play with your puppy…but make sure it eats several times per day, drinks plenty of water, and gets plenty of downtime during the first few days. EVERYBODY is going to want to play and pet and love on the puppy and that’s fantastic…but it is very important to remember that your puppy will need breaks from activity while getting used to the new environment. If your puppy does not eat THE NIGHT you get him/her…PLEASE CALL ME!!! I cannot stress enough how important this eating business is in a small puppy!!!!!!!

I will be on call all night to make sure things are going smoothly for you. I would appreciate a text letting me know your puppy has eaten once you arrive home and settle in no matter how late…I will sleep better knowing all is well J 318-245-2914


  1. FOOD: Your puppy is currently eating Flourish Dog Food.   Obviously, I have a lot at stake when I choose a food to feed my dogs, and, I have to choose very wisely!   I did a TON of research in making my choice, and I love, this particular food, for many reasons. The dogs LIKE it. If they don’t like it and won’t eat it then what’s the point?? It’s a small company so very little risk of recall due to outsourcing of manufacturing. The larger a company gets, the more likely it’s manufactured in less than ideal facilities to limit the cost. The consequences can be in the form of contamination. I won’t risk that with my dogs.   This food has limited but balanced ingredients, three sources of protein and is grain free and it will satisfy your dog in lower amount because of the absence of fillers. The main reason and what sets it apart from other options is that it is low in phytoestrogens. You hear all about soy being bad for hormones. About how much hormones in our chicken and other foods are affecting us humans. Phytoestrogens are components that can harm your dog in a myriad of ways over time.  You can read all about that on the Flourish website. I ask …that for at least this first bag…PLEASE DON’T CHANGE THE FOOD!! You are welcome to change it later (although I don’t recommend) …but it’s essential for your puppy to undergo the least amount of stress possible entering a new home… and changing food is stressful!   It can cause diarrhea and they may not eat what you buy…which can be a nightmare! PLEASE, PLEASE get a bag! Flourish can only be purchased for now through their website. The folks at Flourish have graciously offered to extend a 10% off your first order by using a special link to my clients (that is YOU ). It will take about 1 week to arrive…so please order it immediately! Here is the link to get the discount https://flourishpets.com/discount/RHUFF   and you can read all about the food and the research on that site as well.




  1. CAN FOOD: To ensure that your puppy will eat for the first 24 hours…I recommend a can food that can be found at most retailers like Petco/Petsmart or online at Chewy. You should only need a can or two…as you don’t want to continue on this…but it’s great to get them to eat if they are stressed! It is made by Royal Canin and it’s their puppy appetite stimulating formula. I use it to wean puppies so they are used to it and love it! You can spoon a little on top of the kibble…or mix with warm water to make a gravy for the kibble.



  1. SUPPLEMENTS/TREATS: I highly recommend NuVet Supplements to your puppy’s daily regimen.   I am often asked what you can give your puppy as a treat. My number one recommendation for the first couple of months would be NuVet Immune system supplements. We start the puppies on this as soon as they have teeth, and offer a quarter of a tablet while saying "do you want a cookie?" They absolutely LOVE them, and they are extremely important while your puppy goes through the stressful process of going to a new home, shots, and teething. You have to have my breeder code to be able to order them. I have attached more info to this email. Here is the link you can use: http://www.nuvet.com/38094 OR CALL (1-800-474-7044) and your unique order code 38094



  1. LIGHT CARO SYRUP OR HONEY: This is a just in case thing…but very important. I will be sending you more info regarding low blood sugar in puppies (hypoglycemia) but for now…please pick up a small bottle of either of the above. I do not intend to send your puppy if I feel there is a risk of low blood sugar. However…despite all efforts…sometimes the stress of leaving home will cause a puppy to not eat…and this can develop into hypoglycemia which is life threatening. I don’t want to scare you or make you nervous about this…because in all likelihood it won’t be an issue. And I won’t send one home if I feel it is at risk. But in the unlikely event that it happens…it’s definitely better to have this on hand just in case…than to be running to the grocery at midnight or for sure a trip to the emergency vet!!!


  1. PUPPY PADS: ANY BRAND IS FINE THESE COME IN HANDY!! BE SURE TO BRING A COUPLE WHEN YOU COME TO PICK UP YOUR PUPPY! In addition, you may want to bring either paper towels and spray or handi-wipes in case of a poo poo J nothing worse than a couple hours in the car with a stinky poo TRUST ME!!! Also bring a plastic bag so you can seal the poo up and not have to smell it! This is my standard poo speech. I am typing this and wondering if you are laughing at me. I bet you are J!!


  1. BOWLS: ONE FOR FOOD ONE FOR WATER AND LOW TO THE GROUND…stone ware is more stable puppies tend to step in bowls and knock them over





  1. TOYS…variety is the spice of life!!! I recommend lots of different sizes, textures, some that squeak… some that don’t. Soft and fluffy are good for shaking and tugging. Rope, nylon, hard rubber etc. are good for teething. I used to sell a Nylabone puppy wishbone in my shop that was a favorite with the puppies for teething J.


  1. BRUSH: SOFT PUPPY SLICKER unless you are getting a short hair breed then a SOFT NON SLICKER brush is best. I really like Paw Brothers brand because its gentle on the skin, yet really tough on mats!



  1. SHAMPOO: I have been a groomer for over 20 years. The very best dog/puppy shampoo I have ever used is this shampoo. It’s cruelty free, vegan, moisturizing, has no parabens or sulfates, makes the coat sooooo soft and shiny and, also smells really fresh! The matching freshening spray is wonderful and leaves a light lingering fresh scent for days. It’s also moisturizing as well.   Click this link to order:   https://beccahuff.mymonat.com/shop/t/categories/pet



  1. CRATES: if your puppy is being shipped it will come in a hard, plastic travel crate suitable for its size now. If you wish to purchase a crate …typically a 30” will fit for most of my puppy’s adult life. The hard plastic ones work great for travel and for the home. Some people prefer the wire kind for inside the home because they are easier to clean. Either is fine! I have never used “the puppy apartment” but I have clients that have and they like them.


FROM HERE…. THE SKY’S THE LIMIT! You can spend as much…or as little as you wish on tons of cute puppy stuff. The main thing is get the right foods, honey/caro, and the Nuvet supplement for now…and you will be just fine!


I hope this helps!!! I know you are going to be asking questions…so I figured I would just address some of the common ones here to help you prepare. Happy ShoppingJ Thanks! Becca